Our range of high-specification products mean we are uniquely positioned to benefit from a number of long-term global growth trends, many of which are driven by government regulations and environmental initiatives.



Strong financial performance through innovation, cost control and high returns on capital.


Developing products to reduce maintenance and improve safety and environmental efficiency.

Product innovation

Developing market-leading products at the forefront of technology within the industrial markets. In 2017 we invested £6.9m in research and development to extend our product portfolio.

Intellectual assets

Protecting our product innovation by patents, trademarks and intellectual property licences.

Human capital

We hire and develop innovative engineers who, together with supporting teams and senior management, can develop and deploy Dialight's sustainable, energy efficient and intelligent LED lighting solutions. 


Dialight has multiple routes to market through established distribution networks and selling directly to the end customer. Our sales approach targets plant managers as well as the corporate decision makers.

what we do
Our purpose is to improve the world we live in through sustainable, energy efficient and intelligent LED lighting technologies. We enable industrial customers operating in demanding environments to reduce their energy costs, maintenance costs and carbon footprint while maximising the safety and productivity of their facilities.
We do this by offering the largest selection of rugged, cutting-edge products to suit virtually any industrial application. Additionally, our controls solutions can seamlessly integrate with existing factory automation and building management systems to deliver granular control and system-wide visibility that reduces lighting energy costs by as much as 60%.
how we create value
Research and analysis

Investment in technology and product development to update and expanding the product range

Integration of power supply, optics and lighting designs

Design and design realisation

Market-leading products to reduce maintenance, improve safety and reduce energy consumption

Proof of concept and product return on investment to ensure that key performance indicators (“KPIs”) are met


The Group runs its new product prototypes in its facility in Mexico. It also has significant in house testing capabilities

A flexible supply chain

The assembly part of our supply chain is a partnering arrangement in order to gain flexibility and speed

We establish distribution networks and sell directly to end customers

Multi-channel distribution model

Established distribution networks through electrical wholesalers

Sales directly to end customers

Automation partnerships continue the expansion of the distribution channels


who we create value for


Our goal is to deliver long-term value for shareholders. We do this by developing products that are sustainable and stimulating demand in a market with very low penetration. We use our capital allocation discipline to balance between investment, balance sheet management and  shareholder returns.


We offer opportunities for personal development and competitive rewards linked to performance. We believe in
a creative working environment with scope for individual responsibility and personal achievement.


We add value to our customers’ businesses. Our staff work closely with our customers   in order to understand their requirements and help them achieve their objectives.


Our operations create jobs for local communities in 15 countries around the world. By supporting local supplier development, where possible, we drive sustainable value for shareholders
and further economic benefits for local communities


We support local economies by creating employment and paying local taxes. We stimulate local economic prosperity which contributes to the maintenance of public infrastructure and services.

Competitive strengths

The Group addresses the needs of customers in heavy industrial locations where lighting is seen as mission critical. Dialight focuses on niche markets where its products are designed to meet the certifications and specific requirements of our customers. These are markets with significant barriers to entry as their environments demand continuous, reliable and efficient lighting solutions. Dialight is engaging in a focused plan of geographical growth in established and developing markets to ensure its long-term business sustainability.

How our business model and strategy work together

Our business model is based on value creation and value capture. Our strategy creates our unique and valuable position with our target markets.