The core commitment of our technology is to offer safe, reliable, highly efficient, and long-life lighting products which are easy to install and maintain – all result in lower cost of ownership and fast payback.

  1. Our in-house power supply, optical, and integrated designs offer efficient and long-life power allowing us to offer a 10 year warranty
  2. Our optical design offers better light utilisation and uniformity, requiring less number of lights to illuminate the target area
  3. Our designs are targeted to be easy to install. The most costly and dangerous aspects of LED lighting for industrial spaces are the time, money, and safety risk associated with fixture installation and ongoing maintenance
  4. We offer integrated systems specifically designed for industrial applications that significantly reduce the burden of installation and maintenance and last in harsh conditions
  5. The new addition of controls and connectivity to factory automation promises to bring further value proposition for our customers


Dialight is a story of sustainability built on long-term strategic investment in R&D. We are pioneers in energy efficiency and safety, trusted globally in the most demanding of environments.


Significant expertise exclusively in LED and a decade of experience as a lighting partner to many of the worlds leading organisations have helped us achieve the largest installed base, with over 2 million industrial LED fixtures around the world.


Our best-in-class designs offer superior performance backed by a ten-year warranty, low maintenance, high efficiency and long life. That’s how we provide our customers with faster payback and a better return on investment.


Controlled lighting solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing factory automation and building management systems to conveniently optimise site safety and productivity.


Increased manufacturing capacity with our facility in Tijuana, Mexico and enlarged facility in Penang, Malaysia to provide scalable production.


A strategic focus on environmentally friendly LED technology and a commitment to helping all organisations, including our own, reach corporate sustainability goals.


Our global footprint and diverse customer base ideally position us to capture the potential of a market which is largely unpenetrated by LED and whereby the majority of lighting is antiquated and environmentally damaging. LED lighting represents the future.