Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver the most energy-efficient, reliable LED lighting solutions available - leading the way in the energy-efficient LED lighting revolution for industrial and hazardous applications. We improve safety while integrating as a key information node within our customers' operations.

Our Values

Our values are at the core of our business. Our culture is one of openness, honesty and accountability. We believe that businesses thrive by sharing knowledge and experiences. In order to capitalise on the cross fertilisation of ideas, we employ people from a diverse range of backgrounds and industries. 


All our actions are based on commitments made to each other and our business


We empower and are held accountable to deliver results 


We are proud of what we do and how we treat each other. We have high ethical standards 


No one person or team can do it alone. The company is larger than any one individual


We communicate with our teams; listening and partnering for faster and wiser business decisions


We lead the market through our ground breaking technology


We thrive on talent and passion. We are a great place for smart people with a passion to work


Reinforce our foundations

Strengthen our capabilities

Create and capture value




Reinforce our foundations

We are focused on fixing the short-term supply issues of 2017. Actions in progress:

  1. Increase production capacity in short term to eliminate backlog of orders.
  2. Improve our on time delivery for new orders to an acceptable level.
  3. Build a more robust supply chain by reducing the number of components.


Strengthen our capabilities

  1. After resolving short term operational problems, develop a longer term operational platform for a global supply chain.
  2. We have a strong sales team that combines with the distribution network to ensure we understand our customers' requirements.
  3. Improve our NPI process for speed and focus.
  4. Enhance the strategic and tactical approach to our markets.
  5. Expand our existing product portfolio by enhancing controls and adding building management interface capabilities.


Create and capture value

We will continue to focus on the major levers for accelerating market adoption: 

  1. Concentration on strategic accounts to secure large multi-site supply contracts by becoming the supplier of choice for large corporates.
  2. Reducing the payback timescale on our fixtures to enhance the return on investment and thus allow us to target maintenance budgets.
  3. Lobbying governments in order to influence legislative restrictions on older lighting technology and promote awareness of the benefits of LED.
  4. Becoming a trusted partner in the supply chain.