Our people

 Our culture reflects the collective capabilities of our people and is one of our unique strategic assets. We attract high achievers interested in working collaboratively and making a positive difference in the world. We facilitate this by minimising bureaucracy, preferring instead to act with speed and precision to maximise our impact. This encourages us all to imagine the future and then create it, working seamlessly with internal and external partners to ensure our purpose is fulfilled. We view talent, culture and communications as strategic growth enablers.

We have launched new communications efforts internally to foster more awareness of the challenges and opportunities across the Group, and share best practices and know-how to help grow the business. Our “people policy” reflects our commitment to our employees. It outlines the commitments we make to select and develop our people, and to establish a work environment where everyone can take an active part in reaching our strategic goals while feeling a sense of pride in their contribution.


We believe in empowerment. Our structure allows managers to be autonomous and responsible for making timely decisions in the best interests of our business. We support personal and professional development through a range of training programmes. These enable and prepare leaders to continue to grow the business.


We are committed to innovation and customer satisfaction. Creating and developing new products gives us a competitive edge. We encourage the sharing of knowledge and the acquisition of greater technological understanding throughout the Group.

Through collaboration and sharing best practice, we continue to deliver market-leading innovations that benefit our customers. Group leaders come together to learn from one another, identify ways to collaborate, share developments in our technology or simply learn from each other’s experience. We believe that empowered business leaders are a key part of our current and future success.

Talent development

We offer challenging personal development programmes to enhance the quality of leadership throughout the Group. A number of our senior leaders have individual development programmes that are reviewed regularly. Our development programmes are designed to promote personal growth and enhance leadership and relationship skills. Our objective is to provide these individuals with the tools and training they need to achieve more in their existing role and to advance through the organisation if their achievements merit it.

Employee involvement

The Group places considerable value on the involvement of its employees, keeping them informed on matters affecting them individually and on the various factors affecting the performance of the Group as a whole. We do this through formal and informal meetings, internal communications and our Annual Report. Employee representatives are consulted routinely on a wide range of matters affecting employees’ current and future interests.



Our employees are highly motivated by the opportunity to make a difference. We strive each day to make products that protect lives and make the world a safer and healthier place. We invest a lot of time finding and developing the right people who have the initiative, knowledge and leadership qualities to help us do this.

To unleash their potential, we provide employees with:

  • the opportunity to make a difference – our products make the world a safer and healthier place;
  • an entrepreneurial business environment;
  • a portfolio of cutting-edge technologies with which to work
    and the ability to add more;
  • in-house training for personal
    and professional development;
  • international career development opportunities;
  • performance-linked rewards; and
  • the opportunity to learn from peers.

Diversity and inclusion

We see diversity and inclusiveness as being essential to our productivity, creativity, innovation and competitive advantage. They are the foundation of a performance culture that promotes understanding and appreciation of, and respect for, all perspectives, backgrounds and experiences.

We believe in developing policies and actions which support our long-term aims, as well as establishing appropriate measurable targets.

The result is that we have significant diversity throughout our operations in 15 countries.

Geographical diversity

As our business continues to expand globally, it is important that the insights and perspectives of local markets are represented on our leadership teams. We continue to seek ways to ensure that local leadership is contributing to our global business strategies.

Diversity and inclusion policy

We recognise that the diversity of the people in our business and the inclusion of all enriches our products and performance, and the lives of our employees. Our approach is formalised in the Group’s diversity and inclusion policy.

Diversity is one of our biggest competitive advantages. The diversity of our workforce provides stability and broadens the scope for growth. The diversity of our people helps us stay agile as the needs of our customers change and as business adapts. From a gender perspective in Dialight, the representation of women is strong in management and production roles, and weakest in middle management roles. We are committed to gender pay equality and we have parity by role. We operate in many countries and the diversity of our workforce can be seen in the chart below.

Applications for employment from disabled people and disabled employees

Applications for employment from disabled people are always fully considered, bearing in mind the aptitudes of the applicant concerned. In the event of members of staff becoming disabled, every effort will be made to ensure that their employment with the Group continues and that any appropriate training is arranged. It is the policy of the Group that the training, career development and promotion of disabled people should, as far as possible, be identical to that of other employees.