Developing talent and supporting diversity across our business help to ensure that we have teams motivated to deliver our goals. Having the right capabilities and best talent to match our growth ambitions will enable us to fulfil our strategic objectives.

Our sustained, high-level performance stems from the commitment, innovation and excellence of our people. Dialight believes in empowerment, and we support personal and professional development through our competency models and range of training programmes. The benefits are shown in our financial performance and in our succession planning.

We are committed to innovation and customer satisfaction. We develop people who have the initiative, knowledge and leadership qualities to make a positive impact, and our research and development give us a competitive edge. Through collaboration, the sharing of best practice and implementing new ways of working, we continue to deliver market-leading products that do more for our customers.

Our internal communication strategy is designed to ensure that the strategic framework and value creation architecture of the Board is well understood by all employees. We keep employees up to date on the medium-term plans for how we aim to achieve those goals.

The Executive Directors present the strategic plan for the year annually to all corporate employees and managers within the business. This is supported by regular communication in relation to organisational changes in the business. Dialight is a dynamic environment and it is important to ensure that the views of our employees are taken into account as we change and grow. This process is supported by a clear open door policy with our HR team and a transparent approach, where appropriate, in the business. All employees are encouraged to come forward with ideas and concerns.

The Dialight way

We offer our people:

  • the opportunity to make a difference – our products make the world a safer and healthier place;
  • an entrepreneurial business environment, underpinned by a culture of innovation;
  • in-house training for personal and professional development;
  • international career development opportunities;
  • an environment in which success breeds success; and
  • performance-linked rewards.

Our values

Our values drive our culture; and our culture drives our values. This produces teams that are highly aligned and productive, made up of individuals who take pride in their work and help us to retain a loyal customer base.

Shared by all of our colleagues across the Group, these pillars underpin our strategy and vision for Dialight.


Diversity is the cornerstone of a culture that promotes respect for, and understanding of, different perspectives. By increasing the diversity of our workforce and leveraging their insights, we enhance our ability to compete in the world’s increasingly diverse marketplace. We want to increase the proportion of staff with experience in the business and geographical markets in which we see our operations growing, and will develop policies and actions which support these long-term aims.